3 Seas
Development School

Summer school for young economists from the Three Seas region.

The aim of the project is to find and empower the best economics 
students in the region, giving them skills and knowledge to lead 
groundbreaking research, policy reforms and manage Three Seas Initiative investments.

1st edition of 3SDS will start in August 2022 and will be hosted in Poland.
05-14.08.2022 – 10-days long online course
15-21.08.2022 – weekly live gathering in Poland

Apply now: www.bit.ly/apply_3SDS

The Three Seas Development School is an educational program with partnership Ministry of Finance, BGK Polish Development Bank and Polish Economic Institute. The program is for twenty-four young researchers from
thirteen countries of the region that aims to create social and economic ties based on green and digital development. Participation will consist of ten days of online initiation course and a week of summer school in Poland. It will enable the integration of universities in Central and Eastern Europe and creating future managerial staff for investments in the region.

As Polish Economics Network, we are firmly committed to developing social and human capital in the region. The problems we would like to solve are especially:

• gaps in the socio-economic and managerial knowledge of young leaders,

• difficulty in identifying development projects of a public and innovative character,

• untapped potential of cooperation between leading universities;

Thanks to the financial support of Fundacja Empiria i Wiedza all costs of participating will be covered

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